07 March 2008

People Who Build Glass Houses...

I usually don't post rendering of coming crapitecture on this site. There's just too much ground to cover, so I leave it to the capable folks at Curbed and Brownstoner. But every now and then, there's a proposal so horrendously awful I must single it out and risk offending my readers' eyes.

Look at this thing. Look at this big glass box that's supposed to rise on Fulton Mall. Isn't that the prism thing General Zod and those bad Krypton outlaws were trapped in at the end of "Superman II" when they were hurled back into space? Will the public be allowed to grow their orchids inside? Can we show movies on the walls on warm summer nights? Have the developers set aside an significant budget for window-washers?

The builder, United American Land (what kind of mindfuck Nazi name is that?) said the building will have retail on the bottom two floors and luxury condos up top. It's part of their plan to revitalized Fulton Street. I've got a better idea for improving the street: don't build it.

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Lidian said...

What an abomination that thing is, in contrast to the lovely old building next to it.