06 May 2008

Look Who's Renovated

Back in February 2007, I posted a shot of this dilapidated Columbia Street Brooklyn building, which I kinda loved in all its decrepitude, and deemed it "Not Yet Renovated in Brooklyn." (see below)

Look at my baby now! Standing up straight, stripped of its coat of moss-green paint and wearing a new baby-blue storefront. I wouldn't have recognized it. I encountered the owner on the street a few weeks back. She's a member of the family that always owned it, and has now rescued it from filth and the deranged squatters that lived there. She was able to retain the first-floor corner, but lost the storefront bay windows. Said she intends to turn it into a cafe, but is looking for investors. Aren't we all, aren't we all.

1 comment:

ryan NOT charles said...

Just last night I commented to my girlfriend about this building. The blue is awesome. She lives around the corner and I questioned its future. Cafe? I hope.