03 May 2008

Touch of Class Removed From Waldorf

Why do the new bosses of New York City want this to a be a classless town, one bereft of civilization and sophistication?

The New York Times has reported that the new owners of the Waldorf=Astoria have pink-slipped Daryl Sherman, the lady pianist and chanteuse who for 14 years has tinkled Cole Porter's ivories in the hotel's lobby. Her final performance will be on Sunday. It was a cost-cutting measure by the Blackstone Group, who know own the venerable institution and apparently think they've picked up a Comfort Inn or something.

Sherman has had the honor all these years to play the piano that once belonged to longtime Waldorf tenant Cole Porter. I stopped not two months ago to listen to her deliver a couple songs, hardly imagining the chance would be my last. Now, I suppose, the wonderful instrument will sit around like a giant coffee table. I mean, how much money could the owner possible be picking up by this cut? Is it worth the considerable eradication of atmosphere, tradition and grace? Fuckers probably have never heard of Sherman or heard her play. Or know who Cole Porter is.


Grand Life said...

I read this in the Times yesterday and wonder "Why in the ***** would they do that." Maybe if they get enough complaints they will retract the pink slip.

Anonymous said...

This is sad. In a related note, fans of this style of music in Atlanta have lost Dale Elliott, the pianist at the Four Seasons for the last five years and one of Ms. Sherman's predecessors at the Waldorf. He died in late April due to complications from a stroke.