15 July 2008

Butcher Butchered

Gowanus Lounge reports that A&S Pork Store on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, the last surviving butcher in that nabe, will be closing, ending a 66-year life for the shop.

Sad news. As I don't live in Park Slope, I've never been a big customer, but I've admired the store's colorful presence each time I've passed it, and occasionally wandered inside to admire the goods on display. It's a rent hike, of course, pushing A&S out. They have three months to find another place, so I guess there's hope, but I wouldn't be surprised if the owners just pack it in. It's hard to absorb the expense of a major move in these times.

And there's more from Adventures of a Gal, which makes the story all the more unfortunate: "I spoke to the owners at A&S and it seems to be a family squabble gone awry and now the daughter of the former owner (still all family) is jacking their rent up b/c she knows she can get more money for that space and doesn’t care that the family business won’t be able to afford it."



Anonymous said...

It looks as if this situation illustrates a big drawback of family businesses. When family members disagree, it so often means the end of the business.

J$ said...

i hope they can work something out or find another nearby location (how about 4th ave?!). great sandwiches there next time you are in the area- freshest soft hero rolls, great meats, and made on site fresh mozzarella.