31 July 2008

What Gives With Kane and Hicks?

It seems to me that this multi-story condo complex at the northwest corner of Hicks and Kane Streets near Cobble Hill was finished more than a year ago. The building, known as 115 Kane, seems complete, yet a plywood fence remains in place around it and no one has taken up residence. Nothing ever happens on this site.

I've taken notice of the building for some time because, of all the new structures in the area, it's significantly less horrifying. They've done some mildly interesting work with the lintels and the roofline, and the color of the brick is vibrant-ish. It's also not terribly huge or out of proportion with what's around it. I don't mind having the building in the area.

But obviously something's gone wrong. It's in a state of limbo. Weeds and long grass have had their way around the perimeter. I have noticed occasional postings on Brownstoner but none that mentioned the developer by name. DOB certificates posted on the plywood wall list something called Metrotech Construction, but that may or may not be the developer. Did someone run out of money or go to jail? What gives?

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Anonymous said...

smells like Bricolage