28 July 2008

Forward Into the Past

Some time ago, I sent away to the Municipal Archive for an old photo of a building at Henry and Verandah Place and got this instead: an old building at the corner of Henry and Degraw. It turns out it's the building that's been undergoing a major overhaul over the past year.

I wonder if the new owners ever saw this old shot of the property. Because it seems like they'd on their way to making the building look pretty much like it did in the 1920s. Until recently, the boxy thing was layered in white brick that made it look like the inside of a public bathroom. They've ripped that off and are back to the original red brick. They're keeping the old shape of the side wall. The only big difference is the new dormer windows on the front, giving the place a little more dimension.

Guess the owners figured the architects pretty much got it right the first time.

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