23 July 2008

Kielbasa Supply in Williamsburg in Danger?

A reader wrote in expressing concern over the status of Polska-Masarnia Czeslawa (at least that's what I think it's called), otherwise known as the Quality Meat Market, the longstanding Polish butcher at 172 Bedford Avenue in the heart of Williamsburg. Said observer dropped by last Monday and found "the gate was down and the place looked like it was stripped. Nothing hanging in the windows....a few years back there used to be a second butcher next door but it's gone. It's been going there for the past six years, so I keep an eye on it."

The reader expressed hope that the shop was undergoing renovation, while at the same time doubting this as wishful thinking. Several calls to the butcher shop (taken from the number on the sign) were answered by only a weird buzzing noise. A search through various directories did not even turn up any other phone listings for the place. A call to the nearby Bedford Cheese Market Shop brought a response that they "thought" it had closed.

Butcher shops seem to be going the way of the Dodo—in Park Slope, the East Village and no, perhaps, Williamsburg.

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