30 July 2008

Cemusa Cleans Up Its Act

Thanks to Sybil Cuma, who wrote to me today to say that, following my Sunday, July 27, attack on the filthy state of a Columbia Street Cemusa bus shelter, "On Monday night Cemusa sent their cleaning contractor Shelter Express to clean the Columbia Street bus shelters—and they did a pretty good job. Then I noticed on Tuesday that Shelter Express was back again with lots of cleaning trucks. They spent hours cleaning and polishing the bus shelters. They were spotless after they were finished."

See the picture above, taken today, compared to the one below, taken July 26. Quite a difference. They even cleaned the glass roof. Now, I know I'm jumping to conclusions thinking Cemusa acted after seeing my post (which was helpfully picked up by good folks at Curbed, Queens Crap and City Desk), but, Hell, I'm feeling kinda low today, so I'm taking full credit! Lost City spoke and Cemusa jumped! Power to the bloggers!

I still hate their bus shelters, though.

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