27 July 2008

Some Stuff That's Interesting

Somebody finally got the bottom (sort of) of the mystery behind Carroll Gardens' Vermont Market and Pharmacy.
This gal can't forget Bay Ridge was once Viking territory. I've met Victoria Hofmo, actually. Her focus on this issue is unwavering.

A remembrance of Cheyenne Diner in the Times, by an author who doesn't seem to know that the diner is not gone forever, but moving to Red Hook.

Delusional lame duck and Cheeze-it eater Bloomberg won't shut up about national politics, and still has lousy taste in food.

This is why builders use such crappy bricks these days. The old kind cost too much!

Recalling the New York high-life scene of old, via Lucius Beebe's epic 1960 grazing tour.

Cloud support.

Another mainstay of the old Midtown has closed.

Every politician, it seems, is in the pocket of the developers.


Anonymous said...

The dress store is not a "mainstay of the Lower East Side," it is, and always has been in midtown, as the Times states in the story's headline and throughout.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

My mistake. My apologies. It's been corrected.

Anonymous said...

Reading back on my comment, it sounds awfully harsh. Not meant. Editing an impossible manuscript without a/c makes me cranky. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the article doesnt say ANYTHING about new bricks not being as good as old bricks - but dont let that stop your agenda

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Yeah, my agenda of quality craftsmanship over shoddy craftsmanship is just the WORST, isn't it?

So "brick panels" sounds good to you, huh? Sound like it's probably as good as individual bricks laid by hand, Dave? I've read plenty of articles before this one that say exactly that: that new bricks are not as good as old bricks. That's why bricks are salvaged from old buildings and sold for a lot of money. It's a big business. What do you base your opinion on?