02 July 2008

Strollers Vs. Trees: A Hicks Street Smackdown

Who will win the battle of Hicks Street east between Warren Street and Congress—the age-old English Plane trees in the middle of the sidewalk or the pedestrians of Cobble Hill?!

Actually, it's no contest. The trees won a long time ago. Some nature-loving citizen or official, when laying out the sidewalk in front of the former-church-now-condo-complex on that block decided the beautiful trees would stay, even if that meant that, at three points in the block, there is barely enough room for a person to pass without toppling into Hicks Street. And forget about two people walking abreast. And absolutely forget about rolling a stroller down this block.


Anonymous said...

No strollers? More trees?
Damn, I want in on THAT neighborhood.

par3182 said...

you could probably squeeze a normal stroller past; the obnoxiously big ones should be out on the street

Anonymous said...

I do wonder what they will do about the tree along the side of the church-into-condos on Strong Place near Degraw. That one has burst through the sidewalk like the Incredible Hulk. Since construction is going on 2 years now, I guess they will deal with it by 2010.

Heart As Arena said...

OMG. I'm so glad that somebody somewhere noticed this. I live nearby, and it's sooooo fucking annoying to walk past this place. The problem is that they built out the shitty "patio" space (That the owners seem ashamed to use.) so far as to leave the thinnest slice possible of sidewalk. Forget whether or not you have a stroller. It's hard to get a person through here. When there's 2 people one of you gets to take your chances with the traffic on Hicks street. Awesome. What inspector got paid off to let this idiot plan go through?