16 July 2008

In With the New, and Ugly

So the New Apollo diner on Livingston in downtown Brooklyn decided to refurbish itselv sometime back, including taking down its fine bit of signage, seen above.

Walked by the other day. It was dark, admittedly, but I can't imagine these new signs look any better in the light. I'm sorry, but aren't these blobby-lettered, red-and-white jobbies just—what's the word?—awful? Particularly the "Express to Go" sign, which makes me feel like I'm in suburbia and go everywhere in my car. Can't imagine which sort of Brooklyn customer they weren't getting before that they think this sort of signage will attract now.

At least the new sign calls the Apollo a diner, which it what it is, and not a restaurant, as the old sign had it.

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