11 July 2008

Lost City Asks "Who Goes to Tripoli?"

Tripoli, subject of my latest "Who Goes There?" on Eater, looks completely out of place on Atlantic Avenue. From the outside, the austere Lebanese restaurant seems like another Gage & Tollner, a high-ceilinged relic from a grander age of dining. The building anchors the stretch of Atlantic from the harbor to Court Street.

I regret my decision somewhat to finally visit the place, because the restaurant is so much more humble on the inside. So I'm sadder, but wiser now. But it's a nice place, run by a seemingly nice family.

One funny aspect about the business. Notice the gray paint on the facade, and the gold lettering used for "Tripoli"? It's the same gray paint and gold lettering used for the small businesses (dry cleaner, pharmacy) on Atlantic right across Clinton Street. That's because Tripoli used to be located on the opposite corner, where, presumedly, the landlord of that building imposed the gray-gold color scheme on the owners of the eatery. When they moved across Clinton, they apparently kept the color scheme even though the didn't have to. It lends a nice uniformity of design to the intersection.

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BestViewInBrooklyn said...

I ate there a few times in the mid/late 90's. It was decent. I liked the interior, actually. I don't know if it's changed hands since then, but the staff was also friendly (if a bit ditzy) and they were very accommodating to questions about vegetarian options.

I haven't been there since I got priced out of the neighborhood, however. I'll travel for Sahadi's, but not for Tripoli.