31 July 2008

Some Stuff That's Interesting

The Ward's Island Footbridge is the oddest and most under-appreciated bridge in NYC.

The Plaza "Hotel"'s fabled Oak Room will reopen in September.

The Orange Hut in Woodside, where I've sometimes had breakfast in the past, has an interesting history. Always thought it might.

The Keller Hotel in photos.

Richard George of the Beachside Bungalow Preservation Association of Far Rockaway scores a victory.


Ken Mac said...

Brooks, you constantly amaze me in your finds. From White Castle to Orange Hut. Man I can't keep up!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

To be fair, I didn't discover this one. Just discovered the Gothamist post. But I did zero in on the Orange Hut as something rare a decade ago. You should go. Food's just OK. Diner stuff. But the interior is classic. And the prices are rock bottom.