21 July 2008

Lost City: New Orleans Edition: Some Good Signs

An abandoned antique store that was apparently a costume rental store in a previous lifetime.

A famous restaurant in the French Quarter.

An enchantingly grungy old eatery just behind the Hotel Monteleone. They spell it out for you: Gumbo Red Beans Rice Hot Sandwiches. It's what you want.

An otherwise cheerless building at the corner of Canal and St. Charles is enlivened by the one-story-tall, carved-out name of Gus Meyer. Meyer's was once a mini-chain of department stores with locations across the south. This building was the original outlet. The remained two are in Birmingham and Nashville.

Well known for its Po' Boys. Lines down the block.

A hotel felled by Katrina. Ain't gonna open anything soon. But the sign survived and is glorious.

Got this in the dark in the Carrollton neighborhood. Still worth it.

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