06 September 2008

From Warsaw to Saigon

Nobody out there seems to care about the now-gone Quality Meat Market in Williamsburg, judging by the anemic response to my postings about the old Polish butcher. Thought this place was a classic!

Well, that's not going to stop my continued reportage on the steep decline in fine meat products in north Brooklyn. A Lost City reader tells me the space is to become a Vietnamese restaurant called (yawn) Saigon Grill. Yeah. City needs another Vietnamese restaurant, right?


Ken Mac said...

did ya see the last Mad Men? One of the characters serves up some nice chops for dinner and asks "Let's see how Mr Otamanelli is treating us." !!

Bryan said...

it too heard about this. as a young-ish butcher it's sad to think that this is a craft that is slowly disappearing. i believe the financial times ran a story about the shrinking population of butchers around the world because of mass produced and processed food. hmmmmm, maybe it's time for me to find a backer and open up a place? thanks for reporting on this