21 August 2009

And That's a Wrap!

I have just concluded my week of guest blogging on the Curbed network. Here are the remaining items I posted:

Surprise Happy Ending to the Carroll Gardens Basil Wars
; The Columbia Street Bike Lane That Doesn't Go Anywhere; Fedora Reopens After a Break.

Don't be surprised it you seen an overflow item on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I think it is too damn hot for Pasta
Primevera ,so the basil lives on but perhaps just for the moment .
Between the bile thieves and the basil thieves someone in Brooklyn should have a video or webcam watching their doorways and steps.

KSx said...

Anon - Now people are stealing bile? I thought there was more than enough to go around!

(Just kidding -- about the sp.)

Blayze said...

If you guys want basil so bad, I have 4 giant bushes of it in my backyard. I really need to get rid of it before the cold months start coming.

Anonymous said...

If you read this blog as faithfully
as I do ,Yah would know that "bile"
was a typo for Bike which Brooks reported. A new BFA has been created
to learn how to figure fast typing
electronics writing failures at M.I.T. Go Frigure!

KSx said...

'...Yah would know that "bile" was a typo for Bike...' - anon

Has the whole world turned cold? I can't say anything nowadays without people taking me seriously!