19 August 2009

Lost City Guest Blogging on Curbed Thus Far

I'm halfway throw me week as a guest blogger on the Curbed network. In case you haven't noticed, here's a key to what I've covered so far:

Amity Street Horror Now in the Hands of Corcoran; Construction Netting Can Be Pretty; A Nice Restoration Job on Verandah Place; Some Small Activity on 160 Imlay in Red Hook; Another Old Warehouse on the Red Hook Waterfront Comes Down; WTF's Up With the Never-Changing Ads at Rite Aid?

Regarding the item on the restoration of 4 Verandah Place, in which I had positive things to say about the revamp of the building, I was contacted by the press relations/communications officer at the Landmarks Commission. She, noting that I usually am critical of the LPC, pointed out that "one of the Commission’s restoration specialists oversaw the changes to this lovely building, making sure they were appropriate to it and the Cobble Hill Historic District." Duly noted. The Commission did a fine job in preserving the integrity of the historic muse in this case.

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