06 August 2009

Keep Your Sunnyside Up

OK, so you've been arrested. Cheer up! Spartan Bail Bonds is right behind the Criminal Courts Building, on Baxter Street, and they're ready to do battle for you. What's more, they've got the right attitude. "Where superior thinking overwhelms superior force," is their motto. Sure, that translates into "We know how to work the system," but at least their staying positive. And look at the charging Spartan, cape flowing, sword aloft! Holy man! That's the bail bondsman I want!

Then again, you could go with David Jakab Bail Bonds, the one with the picture of the handcuffs. Your choice.


Ken Mac said...

before the lock up hit Pho Pasteur on the same block. Wonderful Vietnamese food -- fit for a pre jailbird

c'รจ montessori said...

Where equal force works in your favor?