25 August 2009

Elk Candy to Dispense Marzipan Anew By Thanksgiving

Some years ago, Elk Candy, one of the last holdouts of Olde German Yorkville, closed its little palace of marzipan on E. 86th Street.

From time to time since them, this blog has gotten little hints here and there that the owners would be starting Elk up again, but in the Hudson Valley. Today, this note arrived in the mailbox: "For those who haven't seen our blog entry here is some good news. We are looking to open (online for now) in time for Thanksgiving. We'll be preparing and gathering what we need over the summer. It will be just Marzipan in the beginning and hopefully expanding the selection in early 2010 to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth."

The website is www.elkcandy.com, if you want to look for yourself.

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