15 August 2009

Dutch Bikes Will Be Here Soon!

One big reason to get excited about autumn: The Dutch Bikes are coming.

Started Sept. 8—and commencing with the 400th anniversary of the Henry Hudson’s landing in New York City—400 bright orange, Batavus bicycles will be made available to New Yorkers, courtesy of the government of the Netherlands.

The Dutch bicycles will be made available to the public at a special bike sharing event Sept. 8-12; the New Island Festival on Governors Island Sept. 10-20; and the start of New York’s Harbor District on Sept 13. 120 bikes are adult-sized, the rest medium and small. I, personally, can't wait.

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Bryan said...

I think they're already here. I saw quite a few of these orange bikes of multiple sizes at Summer Streets today in Manhattan, and I'd read earlier on City Room that the Dutch bikes would be part of SS this year.

If you haven't taken part in Summer Streets, don't miss it! The stretch approaching Grand Central is especially worth the outing.