04 August 2009

Well, That's Just Dumb

Writes a reader, regarding Little Italy's long-suffering Petrosino Park:

As the summer slips away, local residents and visitors to our neighborhood can only look forlornly at a partially-renovated Petrosino Park and wonder -- what is going on?

While we allegedly wait for supplemental granite, apparently coming here on a very slow boat from China, we can only look past the chain link fencing and see a work in progress. Many of the new plantings seem to have taken well, along with a host of weeds. Some new pavers were laid down, and then some of those new pavers were ripped up.

Spotted in the middle of the park is a new tree, its root ball still exposed, that is struggling to stay alive. It seems that only the recent heavy rains have kept this tree alive.

Due to the negligence of the contractors, and the indifference of our elected officials and our parks department, residents' hopes for a new park being open this year are falling away like the leaves of this dying tree.

Jesus, guys! Plant the damn tree!


JaneDoe said...

", and the indifference of our elected officials "

You hit the nail on the head!

The councilmember, Gerson, is so wrapped up in getting re-elected that he could care less what happens to his constituents wishes.

drewo said...

Same reader, over a year later.

The park is not complete. The fountain has been closed all summer, 2 newly planted trees are dead, the plantings were never maintained and only a small portion of the fence has been put in place.

The park is an insult to the neighborhood and a travesty in it's highest form. It's a beautiful day today and, as has been the case all week (all year?), no one is working on the park.