04 August 2009

Rat-Squirrel House's Secrets Sealed Up for All Time

Nothing goes in. And nothing comes out.

That's the story of the Rat-Squirrel House of Cobble Hill after last week's Kick-out-the-squatter-and-seal-up-the-building, city-sponsored commando raid of last week.

Any rats or squirrels or squatters or crazy old ladies left inside 149 Kane Street are in there for life! Cinder blocks fill every garden and ground-floor cavity now, the windows, the doors, even the hatch leading to the cellar.

All that remains is for the thing to be torn down, or fall down.

1 comment:

c'รจ montessori said...

Let's hope its just rats in there, even though that's a little sad too, but come on... Squirrels would be a little teary and people would be ridiculously sad...