14 August 2009

Some Stuff That's Interesting

Not everyone's falling for Bloomberg's con. Certainly not District Council 37, the largest union of city government workers. "He's arrogant," they said. Well, yeah. [NY Times]

The six-way race to succeed Councilman Bill DeBlasio (my Brooklyn district) has gotten slimy. Brad Lander's campaign has taken the low road by trying to make an issue of the fact that opponent Josh Skaller, his biggest rival, sends his kid son, who has special needs, to a private school. “I have pointed out that I am the only public-school parent in the Democratic primary, but I have never questioned or attacked any of the other candidates for their choices, and never said a word about anyone’s family,” Lander told The Brooklyn Paper. “It is simply false.” However, folks who have had direct contact with the Lander campaign know that the candidate's people have been trying to make hay of this issue for some time. [Brooklyn Paper]

Bloomberg has killed small business during his reign. [Queens Crap]

Di Fara's Dom DeMarco really look like what he looks like. [Slice]

Now that's a stove. [Scouting NY]

A variety of New York skylines. [Architakes]

The characters on "Mad Men," set in the 1960s in NYC, apparently are drinking with historical accuracy. [NY Times]


thfs said...

Somehow, the Brooklyn Paper's editorial board takes a more sophisticated view - that perhaps the "attack" was a manufactured victimization on behalf of the Josh Skaller campaign

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Sophisticated is a nice euphemism for nonsensical. Skaller dragged his young son into the campaign to get sympathy votes. You've got to be kidding me. Lander's campaign has been sowing the seeds for this attack on Skaller "wrong" schooling choice for months. It was their ace-in-the-hole gutter issue. I know of at least one occasion, months ago, where Lander himself brought up the subject to a Brooklyn voter—not the subject of public schools as a general topic, but "did you know Josh Skaller sends his kid to a private school?" Creepy and underhanded.

And it's no surprise the Brooklyn Paper wrote such an editorial. It's become an untrustworthy conservative rag since Murdoch bought it. Lander's the most likely candidate to become the advocate of rich developers and preserve the ruinous status quo in Brooklyn. He was taking contributions from developers before was compelled to return them when Skaller made a stand against accepting money from developers. When I see Lander at work, I see Bill De Blasio, Jr.