18 August 2009

Paterson Joins the United Traitors of Gowanus

So, Bloomberg, Toll Brothers, Buddy Scotto and the whole truth-defying, money-grubbing gang got to Governor Paterson, who now agrees with them that it's just a terrible idea to allow the Superfund to clean up the Gowanus Canal, which has sat fetid and stinking for decades now without New York City or New York State ever thinking about how to clean it until now.

Not that anyone should expect anything noble from a man like Paterson. He's show himself a thousand times over unfit for his position since becoming New York's Accidental Governor follow Eliot Spitzer's meltdown.

Writes the Brooklyn Paper:

The state Department of Environmental Conservation told the Bloomberg administration that it was not opposed to the mayor’s plan — as long as it sought a comprehensiv e clean-up. That Aug. 6 letter was a departure from the state’s December request to add it to the Superfund list.

“The Department remains committed to the need for a clean-up to Superfund standards,” wrote Stuart Gruskin, executive deputy commissioner. “We believe that it is appropriate for the EPA to carefully review and consider the [city] proposal.”

Gruskin’s correspondence said that the EPA should investigate if the mayor’s claims are true that his plan will be faster and more efficient than the Superfund and to make sure that the city approach won’t delay or hinder the clean-up if a Superfund designation is later deemed necessary.

The Bloomberg administration heralded the letter as a vindication of its idea, which has been criticized by the EPA and Gowanus Canal zone neighbors who doubt the city has the ability or the interest in fully restoring the channel.

There's nothing Bloomberg won't do for wealthy developers, is there? He'll tell the Feds to get lost on one hand—the Gowanus clean-up—while taking their stimulus money with the other hand and giving it to—needy working people? small businesses?—NAH! Wealthy developers, of course!

Josh Skaller, a candidate for the City Council seat that includes the canal, and the strongest critic of Bloomberg in the bunch, spoke the truth soon after Paterson's announcement. “Governor Paterson has not knocked on thousands of doors in Carroll Gardens, but I have,” said Skaller. “It is clear the community supports Superfund status. [Superfund] is not a perfect solution, but it’s the best way to make sure the Canal gets the clean-up needed before we can build along its banks.”

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Anonymous said...

The Brooklyn Paper is the villain here!

The EPA, must by law, give consideration to all comments submitted under the official comment period for Superfund designation of the canal. And, of course, the EPA, and NY State, should give careful consideration to what the city has put into their comments (alt-plan). This doesn't mean that such comments are being favored over the Superfund Listing.
The Brooklyn Paper has twisted this point to make it appear that by reviewing the city's comments they are some how granting favor to them. The EPA must review the city's comments for all their legal ramifications as they might effect how a Superfund Listing.

The Brooklyn Paper is best used by the dog, not as a source of valid ideas.