11 August 2009

Two Stories of Ugly

This is actually on Third Place, not Third Street. But close enough.

I am guessing that, with the new Carroll Gardens downsizing rezoning is on its way to being a reality, atrocities like this two-story growth above a brownstone would no longer be allowed. Let's hope not.

The development alone is reason enough for having pushed for the downzoning.


kingb said...

this is beautiful compared to whats happening in sunset park...here is one example, there are may many more:


KSx said...

I hope they leave it just like that, a malignant growth. Maybe add some crude "surgery stitches" like on Frankstein's monster's neck.

(And yes, the one in Sunset Park is pretty bad.)

Batman said...

You all miss the point. It's ugly not because it's tall, but because it's cheaply done and ill-conceived. Height does not equal ugly. Unfortunately, in this hood, architects have been a little beholden to client's wishes.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

You're right, Batman, it is ugly because it's cheaply made and ill-conceived. But it's inappropriate in its height.

dbrown said...

But there are brownstones just down the block just as tall. Are they all inappropriate?

Don't trust any building over 50 feet.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure
we are not in Marshall Tito's
Yugoslavia in 1947?