03 August 2009

B61 Begins New Phase in January

Brooklynites will have something to cheer about in the dim, chill days of January.

That's when the heinously long route of the eternally late B61 bus line will be officially split in two. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will "split the route of the B61 bus into one section from transit-starved Red Hook to Downtown and another section from Downtown to Greenpoint (and beyond into Queens)."

The name of the northerly half of the line will be rechristened the B62. Which is a good thing, because I won't have to get used to a new name in order to bitch about my bus line.

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King Ning said...

funny that the MTA braintrust chose to rechristen the northern portion "B62". That was the original designation of the B43. The B62 ran from Box St./Manhattan Ave to High/Pearl Sts.