10 November 2009

Oh, oh! Me! Pick Me!

Be a Charmin "brand ambassador"? And then "blog about your experience"?

Jesus H. Christ, who thought of this?

I don't know about you, but when I visit the bathroom, I don't want to meet a "greeter" along the way, certainly not one who's going to blog about my "experience."

How about this experience? A chatty Charmin brand ambassador gets punched in the face for getting in the way of someone who really has to go. Super blog material.

The term "brand ambassador" really needs to be retired, by the way. It's just a fancy term for salesman.

And those cutesy cartoon bears in the Charmin commercial. They have to die. They really have to die.


KSx said...


Is "The Charmin Restrooms" a new luxury tower somewhere? Or just stacked porta-potties in Bryant Park?

(Actually, if I hadn't already made a fortune from blogging, that $10,000 would look pretty good!)

Blayze said...

They're basically just an overglamorized public rest room which takes up an ungodly amount of space near the direct center of Times Square. I think you actually need to take an elevator or something to actually reach the stalls themselves. I wanted (and had to go) to use them while I was in Times Square but alas, the stupid things were closed. Apparently they need people to operate them. Hence this ambassador crap.

Caroline, No. said...

Major L.O.L.