28 January 2010

229 Dean Street Has Nice New Owners; Freakshow to End

Earlier this month, I posted something about the seedy goings-on at 229 Dean Street, an island of weirdness on any otherwise stately block of Boerum Hill. Weird comings and goings, severed barbie heads, mysterious explosions, missing air conditioners, off detritus on the stoop and sidewalk—this house has been a source of uneasy speculation in the neighborhood for some time. 

Well, that may all be at an end. An era of normalcy has possible dawned at the shady address. We noted earlier that, according to the Corcoran site, the building was "in contract" for $1.6 mil. We now hear that that was indeed the truth and the sad, neglected structure now has a respectable new daddy. Expect some sprucing up of 229 Dean facade in the months to come.

The formers owners, now gone, appear to have had a thing about air conditioners. We all know that the one in front has been missing for some time, the space where it was used as a kind of display case for curious statuary. Word is, however, that the prior resident also took all of the through-wall a/c units with him, leaving giant holes open to the outside on the back of the house. And in the middle of winter, too! Brisk.
The owner did, though, leave plenty of junk for the new owners to sort through and discard, including lots of broken glass in the super-scary basement and plenty of scrawling on certain walls.  
Alas, no severed Barbie head was found.

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