05 January 2010

Big Green Thing on Baltic Still Sits There

"The most architecturally alluring storefront in Cobble Hill," reads the listing at Vespa Properties for 269 Baltic Steet.


I'll give them this: it's the most architecturally singular storefront in the neighborhood. I mean, green? Pale green, and lots of glass? In a neighborhood of red brick and brownstone? Why? Why?

The thing made news in early 2009 when it seemed a restaurant, possibly a Chinese restaurant, was planned for the space. But that didn't pan out, and this past fall a rental sign was slapped on the front. And there it sits. And quite frankly, I don't know what can be done with the place. What is that particular layout ideal for? High ceilings, much to much light, one big single room, no privacy. The Vespa listing says, "With 20' ceilings, an all glass facade, and all steel construction, this Prime storefront is perfect for a cafe, wine/beer bar, clothing store, furniture store, spa, or other business where visibility and location are key."

All I can say is it must be a bitch to heat in the winter and probably becomes a sauna in the summer. Not to mention the window-washing bills.


Anonymous said...

3 words ... Hang Glider Showroom.

matt said...

gun shop