15 January 2010

Wi-Fi Under the Gaslights

Gage & Arby's cares what bloggers think of it!

Today, a press agent for the fast food franchise—which has taken possession of the beautiful, 19th-century, landmarked interior of the old Gage & Toller space on Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn—reached out to Lost City.

Aside from offering an interview with an Arby's rep (yes!), the publicist wanted to communicate two things. Arby's will bring 110 new jobs to the borough, and—very exciting—the joint will offer free Wi-Fi.

Free internet under the gaslights!



Will the cashiers have stripes on their sleeves marking how many weeks they have been on the job? FEH to wifi, horsey sauce, and free refills.

Vince M said...

It might be nice to tap on the keyboard of a laptop in the glow of gaslights.
Kind of like history colliding.

LiLo said...

OMG! They're like putting an ARBY's of all things, in Gage & Tollner's! Can you believe it, Brooks? This is the funniest thing EVER! Let's snark about it endlessly before actually SEEING the new space because nothing ARBY's could possibly do would be classy enough for us high-fallutin' Brooklyn bloggers, with our champagne tastes and Wal-Mart paychecks!

LiLo said...

Oh, and BTW, calling it "Gage & Arby's" is HILARIOUS! ROTFL, Brooks! You're so clever!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

LiLo: Better than champagne paychecks and Wal-Mart tastes, like the folks who run this burg.

And thanks for pointing out I'm clever. I'm too modest to do it myself.



LiLo -- how were the oysters prepared when YOU went to Gage&Tollners? How was your Sazerac? Let me guess... you've never been. There is nothing funny nor ironic about the loss of this unique, historic restaurant to a chain. How would you like it if someone came to your hometown and replaced the Walmart with...Target?