19 January 2010

Little-Known Coney Island Landmark Has Date With Wrecking Ball

Amusing the Zillion reports that an obscure Coney Island landmark will soon be flattened by the City to make way for its new plans. I didn't know about this building, but it's pretty interesting:
The old Feltman’s kitchen building on the Astroland site is among the structures set to be demolished to make way for new amusements on the City-owned parcel. This humble building is the last remnant of the fabulous block-long restaurant and entertainment empire owned by Charles Feltman, the inventor of the hot dog.

According to Ric Burns’s movie about Coney Island, Nathan Handwerker worked in Feltman’s kitchen and slept on the floor for a year before he went on to found Nathan’s Famous! Since Feltman’s consisted of nine restaurants, a beer garden, a maple garden and much more, we can’t be sure where Handwerker bedded down. But we think the phrases “Nathan Slept Here!” and “The hot dog was invented here!” have tourism potential. Shouldn’t the City be renovating Feltman’s Kitchen as a little museum and hot dog stand instead of tearing it down?
You can read more here. Hey, it's got my vote for preservation. But is there any chance Bloomberg will listen any more than Joe Sitt did? Neither of them understand or respect the nature and history of Coney.

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Wasn't it used in Requiem for a Dream?