13 January 2010

Gage & Arby's Will Open on Jan. 21

The day of reckoning is night. The old, landmarked, Gage & Tollner space will reopen as an Arby's franchise on Jan. 21. Hilariously, it will have a "soft" opening, as if it's some trendy new boite run by a hotshot chef. The grand opening will come a couple weeks later. Needless to say, I'll be there for my breakfast sandwich and a spot inspection of the priceless interior early in the AM that day.


Melanie said...

The original Gage & Tollner's was such a great and elegant restaurant with waiters who were waiters in the same establishment for 30 years. Style and great seafood.

Lawrence B said...

I'm not one of those "New Yorkers" that laments on any type of change...but I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING BUT GAGE AND TOLLNER IN THAT SPACE.
Sorry, I'm biased in that regard. I'll miss that place. It's where my Grandfather taught me how to eat oysters, and I learned about the beauty of gas lamps.

Melanie said...

I agree with Lawrence B--my Grandmother took me and my Mom and Dad out for lunch at Gage & Tollner's for my graduation from the 6th grade at Berkley Institute..my bbf Susan Breen was at the next table with her Mom and Dad. Fun!!My Mother remembered her Father taking her to G & T for lunch as well. I believe many celebratory dinners were had at this establishment. Great memories--good food. Just don't see this as an Arby's.