05 January 2010

Go Fish/Deluxa Gone

Sometime around the turn of the New York, Deluxa, formerly known as Go Fish—the antique/vintage/whatsit store that occupied an address on Sackett Street between Henry and Hick in Carroll Gardens for four years or more—disappeared. The shop was emptied like that. I'm not surprised. They never did a lot of business and I always wondered how they stayed afloat.

Anyway, they cleared out the space so completely that it affords one the chance to appreciate how completely this storefront has remained unchanged over the decades. It looks much like it must have decades and decades ago, when it must have been a grocery or butcher. Same cornice, same decorative wooden framing, same tin ceiling, same cast iron pillars. It's just a beauty.

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Unknown said...

Deluxa is moving to East Williamsburg. I think they said they might be selling online only.