07 January 2010

Tavern on the Green Stuff and Junk Up for Auction

The spoils of the Tavern on the Green dissolution debacle were on view yesterday, in preparation of the big three-day sale — in the Crystal Room of Tavern —set to begin 1 PM on Jan. 13.

I'm tempted to attend the auction and bid on something small, just to have a historical keepsake. The only thing holding me back is that most of the stuff in Tavern was, well, how should I put it?—such crap.

I mean, big white stag statues? Garish chandeliers, ludicrous animal-shaped topiary, a giant bear sculpture-aquarium, yards and yards of mirror and glass? What house would take in this vulgar junk? Maybe a samovar or a champagne bucket or something. But save the rest for Donald Trump's summer home. He'd appreciate it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but wouldn't it be cool to own those two stag statues if you had room for 'em? I'd love to have them as a conversation piece...