05 January 2010

Some Stuff That's Interesting

The Lower East Side's Doughnut Plant will open shop in the old Dan's Chelsea Guitars space in the historic Chelsea Hotel. [Eater]

Sad: Frank's Deli, 32 years on Ninth Avenue, has closed for good. [JVNY]

Could be sadder: JVNY went to Gino's and found the staff less than defeated.

Ken Friedman may open a bar in his Ace Hotel with a Tin Pan Alley theme. Hey, it's not Tin Pan Alley, but at least that chapter in New York cultural history is being acknowledged by someone. [Eater]

Village preservationists are riled up over the huge new billboards the Equinox gym put up around its building at Greenwich Avenue and 12th Street. And why not? They're horrible. [Curbed]

Lower Second Avenue then and now. [Dino's NYC Then and Now]

Architakes searches The Iron Triangle for Wilson's Garage from "The Great Gatsby"


Ken Mac said...

that sign, Macy's sign, new signs all over town invade your space, your brain, your freaking DNA> When will a city councilman step up and stop these damn invasions?

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks for the links, Brooks. let's hope that Gino optimism pays off.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Fingers crossed.