11 January 2010

Some Stuff That's Aggravating

Freddy's Bar, fighting for its life againt enemy-of-the-people Bruce Ratner and his eminent-domain-abuse task force, makes its case on Fox News. [Curbed]

The ghost of Frank O'Hara has cursed the condo on the former site of The Cedar Tavern. [Curbed]

Bloomberg, who abuses salt, wants to regulate our salt intake. [Eater]

Surprise: People think the MTA is doing a bad job on the new B62 bus line. Why should it give any better service that does the abysmal B61? [LiQcity]

The newly repaired parts of the Coney Island boardwalk are already falling apart. [Daily News]

Toll Brothers, the scourge of the Gowanus, tried to weasel out of fully paying for a canal property they secure in early 2009 until a final decision had been made regarding Superfund status. The owner is suing the Tolls. [Brownstoner]

The City wants Superfund status for Newtown Creek, but not the Gowanus, because, you now, they're polluted in totally different ways. [Courier]

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