20 January 2010

Biography Bookshop, Goodbye; Hello, Bookbook

Biography Bookshop was reassuring.

You'd look at it and think, "Only in New York would there be room for a bookstore that focuses solely on biographies. Isn't this city great?"

Today, Jan. 20, was the Greenwich Village institution's last day at it's original location, where it has been for the last 25 years. A nice corner storefront. I'll miss it. But it's not going away completely. The owners are moving to 266 Bleecker between Sixth and Seventh. In it's new incarnation it will be known as bookbook.



Dan said...

bookbookbook.. sounds like a chicken.

Isabella Golightly said...

From books about people to books about books? Bio to Bibio?

bumpsy said...

book book play . nome sane ?

Anonymous said...

It's a real shame. And now bookstores in general are being replaced by the likes of kindle. But some of the things you can download at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5_Rj2zKMy4&feature=channel for modern technology actually help promote literacy as the basis for all reading and writing. For me, nothing will every replace the good old book stores and books. Let's hope that, at the least, Bookbook will be modern enough for people's tastes today.

Ed said...

I don't mind Kindle at all, especially as there is really no more room in my library for real books. They did a good job at designing the text so it doesn't hurt your eyes, though I'm waiting for a more durable version.

Books will still be around because the technology is so good, they are portable, OK so are kindle like things, but they are also durable and browsable. People have this idea that if you develop a more "advanced" technology you have to get rid of all the old ones. But people still use fireplaces.

Paper newspapers are probably doomed, but its just not a very good technology. We will still have magazines.