30 March 2007

What's Up with Gertel's? Hell If I Know

Last time I reported on the alleged, rumored, whispered imminent closure of Gertel's, the classic Lower East Side kosher bakery, the word was they would remain open until Passover in order to make good holiday orders. Since Passover begins this coming Monday night, I naturally assumed that today might be one of my last chances to visit the place, so I gave Gertel's a jingle.

The owner Abe Stern answered, told me he was open until 2 PM today and then rather grouchily denied that the shop would not reopen after Passover. So, the ax has been forestalled. Great. But is there even an ax at all anymore? Stern indicated that closing wasn't even an option, but, then, he hasn't been the most forthcoming of sources in the past. And what are we to make of our various visits to the bakery when workers more or less confirmed that the shutter was coming down sometime in the future.

Well, if Gertel's is forever once again, I'm more than happy. If anyone knows more about the situation, please let the people know.

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