04 April 2007

What Do The Four Seasons and TGIF Have in Common?

This article in yesterday's New York Times about The Four Seasons is mighty interesting. It lists the New York City restaurant interiors that enjoy the status of city landmark.

In addition to The Four Seasons, there's the Oyster Bar, the Plaza (ahem) "Hotel"'s Oak Room and Palm Court, and Gage and Tollner, which it pains me to remember is now a TGI Friday's.

Nice of Frank Bruni to bring forth this historical perspective. Would have been nicer he had found it in his heart not to knock the old Seasons down from three stars to two stars in his April 4 review. I guess it's all in a day's work for an enterprising and brutally honest journalist. But I might point out that Mr. Bruni is not a landmarked institution and contributes only minimally to the beauty of living in New York.

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Laura said...

I can appreciate the sentiment but find more reason to be upset by the closing of Cafe des Artistes - a non-landmarked restaurant that served palatable food. Which is more than one can say about The Four Seasons. Bruni's two star review was charitable.