30 April 2008

Absurd Juxtaposition on Third Avenue

New York City, by it ever-changing nature, is a City of odd, jarring and sometimes compelling architectural juxtapositions. But this one of Third Avenue near E. 6th must count as one of the most egregious and sick-making side-by-sides in burg history. Let's see: Three-story brick building; enormous, convex, glass-and-metal jackknife into the sky; four-story brick building. I get queasy just looking at the grouping. Talk about not taking the surrounding environment into account.

If I were the squat, dormer-window affair to the left, I'd be nervous. I mean, Jesus Christ!, am I seeing things or isn't the Cooper Square Hotel missing a big chunk of it base? Where's the rest of it? Somebody stick in the missing puzzle piece before it all topples over!

What a horrible, horrible building. I wonder if the architect has any inking that the tiny, 200-year-old house that now lives in his skyscraper's shadow is 100-times better a structure than his invention can ever hope to be?

UPDATE: A reader tells me the small building is owned by the hotel and will be torn down. I got a better idea. Still it in that big hole in the hotel! It'll just about fit.


Anonymous said...

The hotel bought the building and the lot to the north (or left as you describe it) so it will also be torn down and integrated into the hotel.

Anonymous said...

What a shitty building. Isn't it on 3rd Ave?

*Bitch Cakes* said...

I hate that building so much. I just saw it in all its "glory" a few weeks ago and was horrified.

Jest2007 said...

Unfortunately, the Landmarks Preservation Commission did not see fit to landmark this federal house, despite its fascinating history. New York is still a town of philistines. We still have the "Penn Station" mentality. Development to the detriment of the history and context of communities.