14 April 2008

Reasons Not to Trust Bloomberg

First is was the Presidency. Then the Vice-Presidency. Then the Governorship. Now the talk is of a third term as Mayor. City Hall denies Mayor Mike is moving to remove term limits from the City Charter. But they denied the guy was running for President for more than a year, didn't they?

Any way you look at it, Michael Bloomberg is not a man content to be without power. His billions are not enough. His two terms as Mayor are not enough. The 66-year-old must remain in charge of our lives in some way, shape or manner. The city, state, country do not yet meet his vision for them. The population does not wholly appreciate or love him as the benevolent genius he is. And if he's not in power, how will all those crappy, gargantuan plans he set in motion for the West Side and Atlantic Yards be realized? Some narrow-minded successor, bereft of his vision, might scrap them for the bad ideas they always were.

I remember back when Mike was busy buying the Mayoralty back in 2001. Everyone was telling me how rich dudes were the best thing you could have in terms of elected office. They can't be bought! They have enough money already. They're not beholden to donors or special interests, because they can foot the bill of their campaign themselves. They want for nothing, so how can they become corrupt. They don't need public office, so they're the best people to hold public office.

Well, Bloomberg apparently needs public office very badly, despite all his billions and independence. Next time anyone speaks warmly of his intentions, they should ask themselves why he needs it so much.

Caption for above: "Gosh, Dave, sure is a nice place you got up here?"

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