01 April 2008

Clarett's Day in Court

The Clarett Group plans to finally unveil their plans this Thursday for 340 Court Street, which promises to be the most controversial Carroll Gardens address since 360 Smith. Team Clarett owns the big 'ol chunk of land at Court and Union where the International Longshoreman's Association still stands (for now), and plans to erect a seven-story, 70-foot building on the spot. As the nifty illustration above shows, the building will have a couple setbacks, as well as a national retailer in the ground floor space and parking spaces under the building. It will easily be the tallest, biggest thing in the area (not counting certain church steeples.) Since, under current zoning, they have the right to build as high as 20 stories, I guess we should count our blessings, but still...

I plan to be there, because, well, I just hate progress and change! Not in MY Backyard—that's what I say! This isn't the way things were done back in my native Kansas!

But seriously, I'm going to check it out, if only to see what Clarett's got in mind. The meeting will be at 7 PM at P.S. 58 Carroll School, 330 Smith Street.

(Thanks to Gowanus Lounge for the picture)

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