16 April 2008

Some Stuff That's Not Getting Built

Calatrava's PATH station, the only decent thing that was ever designed for the World Trade Center area, is being scaled back.

Guess what? St. Vincent's can't do whatever it wants in the Village.

Moynihan Station is pretty damn dead.

Kellogg's Diner in Williamburg is closed for renovations and I don't feel very sanguine that it will reopen soon.

Nothing's happenin' in the grand lobby of the Williamsburg Bank Building. The new broker sees a big specialty store there or "a very important catering group" or "another great restaurant." Hey, I got a great use for this space. How about a bank?

Elaine's is old. Elaine is old.

Lawsuit happy Patsy's Restaurant is opening a branch in Atlantic City. Will they let you sit at the bar there?

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