13 April 2008

Some Stuff That's Being Closed Down and/or Off

The Department of Building shut down 43 unsafe Brooklyn construction sites. Finally. Patricia Lancaster remains employed.

The Parks Department won't fix the decaying boardwalk on Coney Island, but they'll sure as shit erect an ugly fence that just might kill more boardwalk businesses.

Shakespeare's Sister on Court Street in Cobble Hill is closing. It's not very old, but it was sort of a harbinger of a lot of the gentrification the took place on Court and Smith Street in the past decade, so in that way is sort of historical. It once was the only hip cafe space in the area; had coffee, play and book readings, etc. Hasn't been what it was for many years.

An old-school barber shop in Soho is cutting back.

Queens Crap can't wait until Gallagher is gone. Me, too.

2 Columbus Circle looks different, but still ugly.

On a brighter note, Cherry blossoms sure are purty.

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