09 April 2008

That's Just Not Kosher

The Lower East Side has changed in myriad ways over the past decade, some encouraging, some lamentable, some downright inappropriate. This particular change can be filed under inappropriate.

This narrow building on Ludlow Street just below Rivington is now home to the ludicrously named Chickie Pig's, a brick-oven pizza joint. Fine. Chickie has to operate somewhere, I guess. But its place of business was very obviously some place of Jewish observance in the past, based on the prominent Hebrew words carved just about the storefront, and the Jewish star on the top of the building. In fact, it was a Chevra Kadisha, a burial society that cleaned and washed the Jewish dead before burial. (Cue shudder here.)

And here it is in 2008 with the name "Piggie" on it! Not only that, but a sign shaped in the likeness of a big ol' hog! I wonder it the pizzaiolos are haunted by kosher-keeping spirits every Friday night.


Anonymous said...

I've lived my whole life in the neighborhood, and I've never noticed that sign before. It seemed that almost every town in Poland whence Jews had emigrated had its own synagogue and Chevra Kadisha on the Lower East Side. This Chevra Kadisha was formed by landsleit (i.e., compatriots) from Sochetshov (Sochaczew in Polish) in Central Poland.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Not only pigs but brick ovens too! Oi vey!

chickiepig said...

whoever wrote this shit has got to be a first class asshole. I'm sure that this commentary will never make it online as no doubt only assholes who agree with this commentary would be given appropriation. This place hasn't been a Synagogue in over 50 years when Jews walked over the williamsburg (Jew) bridge to go to work in the garment district at the time. don't you have anything better to do with your boring fucked up life? If you have nothing good to say, why bother to say it. Perhaps the owner should open a Synagogue again. Would that make you happy? Get a fucking life asshole.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Ha, Chickiepig! I did post your comment, though I don't approve of excessive profanity in comments on this site. Since you call yourself Chickiepig, I have to assume you're affiliated with the restaurant. And you know what? You've won me over! You're obviously a culturally sensitive individual and I hereby recommend everyone make a beeline to your place to chow down of copious pig flesh. Oh, and by the way, it's "whomever," asshole.