02 April 2008

One Day Before the Clarett Showdown, 340 Court Starts A-Comin' Down

Not sure what it says about tomorrow's meet between the Clarett Group and the good people of Carroll Gardens over the fate of the property known as 340 Court Street—perhaps it says nothing—but bright and early this morning, said real estate titans were busy tearing down the International Longshoreman's Association building on that site, brick by off-white brick. Funny timing.

The Cat backhoes were working feverishly high atop the boxy structure at the corner of Union and Court, seemingly ensuring that the modernist piece of architecture would surely be gone in a matter of weeks.

On Thursday at 7 PM, Clarett will present their plans for what they believe will be a bee-yootiful, 7-story wonderment, with setbacks (maybe like this), underground parking and room for ground-level retail. The sure-to-be-capacity crowd will no doubt be at the ready with bugged-out eyes in their heads and ripe tomatoes in their fists.

The meeting will be at 7 PM at P.S. 58 Carroll School, 330 Smith Street.

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Anonymous said...

first dibs on the "luxury" toddler obituary, or "child hit" article by the SUV turning into the underground garage there.

the irony, of course, will be the luxury baby seat there in the back but hey: hey! Real estate blogging is so fucking ironic. (Not that I include you in that insipid description.)

Q: does The Lost City recall the used car lot turned to parking lot turned to chain pharmacy at Smith & Union?

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