27 April 2008

A Good Sign: New Haven Edition: Perkins Rubber Stamps

This choice pair of signs on Elm Street in New Haven belong to an improbable, one-of-a-kind business: a 132-year-old independent maker of rubber stamps and other "marking devices"! They also make mugs, small signs, awards, buttons, nameplates, decals and a bunch of other office knick-knacks. How can such a business have survived for so long in the world of Staples? Perhaps people are helplessly attracted to the beauty of the old signs.


Anonymous said...

Those signs made me desperately homesick for a world that is--almost--gone. Thanks for sharing them.

Isaac said...

I went in to Perkins and had a bunch of stamps cut (from original black and white artwork) for basically that exact reason: I liked the sign, and I had passed by it so many times I got curious about the work they did.

Those stamps were used to decorate the cover of one of my minicomics, actually: a book called Demonstration. (That link will only show you one of the stamps; I think I got eight different ones.)

Perkins does good work!

Gristlepig said...

Perkins does great work. Years ago they made the stampers for the very DIY artwork on my band's 7". Soon they will be making the stamps for the artwork on my effects pedals.