21 April 2008

A Positive Slant

It may just be me, but lately it seems more buildings than usual have been suddenly plummeting to the ground, collapsing in a heap. Is it just that the building are getting damn old, or is all the new construction rumbling them to an early grave? I have my suspicions.

This four-story brick job on Union Street near Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn looks like a good candidate for the dirt—check out the worrisomely crooked line the right-hand wall takes as it travels skyward. And it appears that the tents known it well. They have christened their hovel The Leaning Brownstone. A brownstone it is not, though leaning it certainly is. Wonder what the landlord thinks of that bit of whimsy (I can't imagine he sprung for the awning, or approves of it.)


Julia said...

i'm pretty sure the landlord did put up at awning. i'm a resident of the Leaning Brownstone.

it could be worse...

Brooks of Sheffield said...

In that case, I find the landlord even more appalling. How can he/she make jest of a potentially serious/deadly problem. Don't put an awning; correct the structure of the building!