11 April 2008

God Bless Us, Everyone

Hey, we all want our business ventures to succeed. By naming your bodega the God Bless Deli? I'm not sure religion and deli service should be mixed.

I'm willing, however, to give my personal blessing to that neon sign in the window, which depicts not just a steaming cup of coffee and a donut, but also a fried egg!

In Greenpoint.


Alex Headrick said...

God Bless Deli Grocery transcends the traditional boundaries of religion, delis and groceries. As you've noticed, the neon fried egg in the window is evidence of this. Being a dreaded flyover state gentrifier, I'm reluctant to weigh in here, but also being heavily reliant on this oddly named bodega's services, I must vouch that it has an important and hopefully long-lasting place in the Greenpoint community.

King Ning said...

This place is a dump when compared to the place formerly occupying the address. That would be The Golden Pit, a pizza place/takeout joint which was a neighborhood favorite from the early 1970's-early 1980's.