16 April 2008

Long Island Restaurant Conundrum Continues

When we last checked in with the Long Island Restaurant on Atlantic Avenue—now closed for EIGHT MONTHS—we were informed by a strangely well-informed local vagrant that ancient owner Emma Sullivan was back from vacation overseas and planned to reopen the place when the weather got a little warmer, perhaps at the end of February or beginning or March.


Obviously, the diner is still shut up tighter than a drum. But someone's been in there recently. The front door used to bear a handwritten sign saying "Sorry, we're closed," with a number to call in case of emergency. That's sign has been removed (probably because too many people were calling the number asking what was up) and replaced with a standard-issue, mass-produced "Sorry, we're closed" sign. No phone number.

I looked around for my well-connected bum, but could find him nowhere. Local merchants seem to know nothing. I'm not very hopeful What goes on? What in freaking hell goes on?

I'm sorry to say it, but I have no choice but to now put the Long Island Restaurant on my Endangered Landmark list.

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Molly Neuman said...

I too have been hopeful that the bar would be reopened. When I came to the neighborhood two years ago to look at apartments I happened to walk into the bar with a friend and discovered that the owners were from Galicia in Spain as are many of my dear friends. Because of the limited hours they were open I didn't get much of a chance to patronize but I was always happy to know the corner of Spain in my neighborhood was there. I hope the owners are ok and would love to know if there is any news.